Kalani Miller and Oleema Miller

MIKOH is the collaboration of sister duo Oleema and Kalani Miller. Born and bred in the small beach town of San Clemente in Orange County, California, Oleema and Kalani grew up with the ocean in their backyard. The MIKOH line is their statement on swimwear for the modern woman, inspired by a life spent in bikinis and oceans around the world.

Oleema and Kalani were raised in a family of surfers, designers, and lovers of the sea. Both were encouraged to explore creativity and self-expression — Oleema through her passion for all things fashion, Kalani with paintbrush in hand. Creative expression was the spirit of the household and the water was a second home.

As teens the sisters surfed and modeled, traveled, lived swimsuit to swimsuit. Kalani’s path led to university while Oleema took to the road. MIKOH brought them together in creativity, inspired by the things they’d seen and learned on their journey — newfound friends, foreign beaches, distant cultures and customs.

Oleema is the creative director and designer behind MIKOH. A former sponsored professional surfer, Oleema has been traveling the globe since age 13 which has greatly inspired the look, feel, and integrity of MIKOH. Oleema has strategized and executed the brand’s creative direction and design aesthetic since its launch.

Today, Kalani brings her education to bear on the business of MIKOH; Oleema’s focus is pure creative. As sisters and partners their talents balance perfectly. Both girls spend the year living out of their suitcases, gathering inspiration, exploring new lands, and immersing themselves in other cultures.

The MIKOH brand was born of this lifestyle: swimwear for the confident modern woman, unique and wearable at home and abroad. Its name derives from the girls’ last name, Miller, as well as the first initial of Kalani and Oleema and their younger sister’s name, Hana. In Japanese, miko is a term that once meant “female shaman” or “female prophecy.”

MIKOH is synonymous with feminity, beauty and strength. The line fuses statement prints and colors from around the world with luxurious fabrics and modern fits. Each bikini is designed to easily mix and match for one-of-a-kind styles. The collection has grown to include swimwear, ready-to-wear beach cover-ups, clothing for the traveler and the dreamer, and MIKOH X SURF, a line of surf-ready pieces in smartly cut neoprene. MIKOH is a vision of swimwear for the certain woman who knows who she is — if not where she’s going next.

Thank you for letting MIKOH be a part of your journey.

X Oleema and Kalani Miller